• University of Virginia
  • University of Mary, Washington
  • Law Degree - Southwestern Law School

Kathleen Smith


Kathleen Smith’s journey in law began with a strong educational foundation, including an undergraduate degree in Education from the University of Virginia and a Master of Liberal Studies from the University of Mary Washington. Kathleen earned her law degree from Southwestern Law School in Los Angeles, CA. 

One of Kathleen’s most fulfilling experiences was her time working with the Public Defender’s Office. This role allowed her to champion the cause of justice for individuals from all walks of life, emphasizing her belief that justice should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status. Many of her clients fondly remember Kathleen as the first person in the “system” to truly listen to them and advocate passionately on their behalf. 

Throughout her legal career, Kathleen’s driving force has been her unwavering commitment to integrity, hard work, and a genuine desire to improve the lives of her clients. She approaches each day and every case with dedication and passion, leaving a lasting impression on her clients, colleagues, and even adversaries. 

Outside of her professional life, Kathleen holds family dear to her heart. Her upbringing in Trumbull, Connecticut, alongside her parents and older sister, has instilled in her the values of closeness, kindness, and generosity. Family dinners and spirited games of Pinochle remain cherished memories. 

Kathleen is an active member of several legal associations, including the Virginia Bar Association, California Bar Association, Virginia Trial Lawyers Association, and Virginia Women Attorney Association. Her commitment to her profession and her community is unwavering. 

During her free time, Kathleen enjoys baking, reading, and spending quality moments with her Great Danes and her cat. Her greatest treasures in life are her family and her husband, who continually inspire her to strive for excellence. Kathleen excitedly anticipates the completion of her book, which promises to be another milestone in her amazing journey. 

Kathleen is truly an accomplished attorney dedicated to upholding the principles of justice and fairness. Her unwavering dedication to her clients exemplifies her lifelong commitment to providing not just legal representation, but also the compassion and support they deserve during their legal journeys. 

Active licenses to practice law in: Virginia, California