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As a prominent global logistics company, DHL Express operates a vast network to ensure the timely delivery of packages worldwide. However, with the sheer volume of deliveries, accidents involving DHL Express vehicles can occur. If you are injured by a DHL driver, you may be entitled to financial compensation—and our can fight for your right to recovery.

Our DHL Express accident lawyers are experienced in handling complex cases involving last-mile delivery services. Our team of experienced delivery accident lawyers can provide the support, resources, and guidance that you need to hold the driver accountable and recover a fair settlement for your losses.

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Secrets to Winning Delivery Accidents Caused by a DHL Driver

The consequences of a DHL Express accident can be profound and life-altering. These collisions can result in severe, sometimes permanent injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and organ damage. The physical and psychological consequences can be overwhelming, resulting in ongoing medical treatments, chronic pain, and emotional distress.

Seeking compensation is essential to help you recover from these devastating effects. Depending on your situation, you could file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit against the driver, a manufacturer, or even DHL itself. 

By taking legal action, you can recover compensation for damages such as:

Your Options for Justice after a DHL Express Accident

While insurance claims and lawsuits offer a path to recovery, the process can be complex due to the employment status of DHL drivers. While some DHL drivers are classified as employees, many are also hired as independent contractors. Other companies such as Amazon, XPO, UPS, and Walmart have similar policies for their delivery and grocery drivers as well. 

This distinction has significant implications; if the driver was an employee, you may be able to hold DHL liable for the accident. If this were the case, then the accident would likely be covered by DHL’s company insurance policy and you could also name DHL in a lawsuit if you choose to pursue one.

However, if the driver was an independent contractor, DHL may claim that it is not their responsibility. In these cases, you may want to pursue a claim against the driver’s insurance or file a lawsuit against him or her in civil court. 

Determining liability in a DHL Express case can be complicated and requires a thorough examination of local laws and driver contracts. In these situations, a DHL Express accident attorney can evaluate your case and identify your optimal path to recovery.

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