About Our Firm

Our story started in 1993

We began in a rented, one-person office with a mission to make good things happen for other people by helping anyone that didn’t know their legal rights or what to do when faced with legal challenges.

Since that time a lot has changed. We sharpened our focus from a general practice to concentrate in helping innocent injury victims. We help innocent injury victims with a wide variety of injury claims wherever they are located. We are now an army of many hundreds with each member of our firm chosen for their passion and commitment to improving the lives of innocent injury victims.

We have been recognized as one of the most influential law firms in America

Thanks to our legal work with thousands of innocent delivery vehicle accident victims, we’ve been featured on television, print media, the internet, and many other media platforms.

Our core principles remain the same

Treat people the same way your friends and family would want to be treated when facing a life challenge. We call this our Platinum Rule. In fact, our commitment to creating an exceptional client experience comes with a first-of-its-kind guarantee.

If you’re not totally satisfied with how you’re treated during the initial 30 days after you hire us, you can take your file — no questions asked — and we won’t charge you anything. This is how confident we are that our clients will have a positive, life-changing experience. Moreover, if a client comes to us with a settlement offer and we don’t beat it with a higher settlement amount, we don’t charge anything.

It’s true you make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give. Every day, we see how those suffering from an unexpected injury lose because they don’t know their legal rights. That’s the reason our founder, Attorney Scott Monge, wrote the book “Secrets to Win Your Injury Case” and gives it away for free.

We give back to the community

Many members of our firm have volunteered to serve as featured speakers for hundreds of lawyers and been involved as hosts of non-profit causes, ranging from helping the homeless to providing assistance to school children in financial need.

Our “Gift of Hearing” charity provides free hearing aids to those suffering from hearing loss who can’t afford hearing aids. This program started after Scott saw his mother-in-law faced with her hearing loss from working the same factory job for 50 years.

Our core principles remain the same: treat people the same way your friends and family would want to be treated when facing a life challenge.